A big supporter of GreenTowers Hinckley Club For Young People, Leicester City FC in the Community have Vacancies available. Please see below for further details:

Engagement Coach

The role of Engagement Coach is primarily focused on the engagement and development of young people and adults, helping them to build life skills, develop healthy relationships and make decisions that are right for them.

It is important to note that the role utilises football/sport/youth engagement activities as a tool to engage and breakdown barriers, and therefore the ability to interact with and motivate young people and adults is more important than technical sport coaching skills.

Inspire Coaches

The ‘Inspire Programme’ is a targeted programme delivered in secondary schools in and around Leicestershire.

The purpose of Inspire is to work with young people who have been identified to be at risk of becoming disengaged. Using a range of innovative interventions, Inspire Coaches work within schools to develop and increase confidence, motivation, aspirations and attendance.


Closing Date: 30th November


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