Bliss Mission Yoga and Relaxation

Bliss Mission Yoga and Relaxation Classes

Hi I’m Hayley and I am the creator of Bliss Mission, my mission is to help you to find more peace through yoga and relaxation.

Classes start here at GreenTowers on May 19th and I’m offering a 50% discount for your 1st class!

Yoga 9am – 10am

This class will be suitable for Beginners who have a basic level of fitness. I will be guiding you to an Intermediate level over the course of the year.

What to expect:

Sun Salutations to warm, stretch, strengthen, energise and detox the body

Deep stretches * Breathing techniques * Relaxation * Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra 10.15 – 11am

This is a relaxation and a simple form of meditation for modern day living. Whilst lying down in a comfortable position I will guide you into a conscious state of deep relaxation, all you have to do is listen (falling asleep is also ok!) It is easy to learn, impossible to do wrong and provides you with a safe and gentle way to find more peace in your life. Yoga nidra can be used to reduce stress levels, improve sleep, help depression, anxiety, chronic pain and PTSD to name a few.

What to bring:

 Yoga Mat * Blanket * Cushion * Eye Mask * Bottle of Water


Receive your first class half price : Yoga £4.50 / Yoga Nidra £5.00

9am Yoga : £9 for one class / £40 for a five week course

10.15am Yoga Nidra : £10 for one class / £45 for five week course

You can also receive discount when you book both 5 week courses for £80

Contact me on:

Dates for classes and courses this year:

 You can redeem your first half price class on any of the following dates…

 May 19th, 26th, June 16th, 23rd, 30th.

5 week courses:

 Jul 14th – Aug 11th * Sept 8th – Oct 6th * Oct 13th – Nov 10th * Nov 17th –  Dec 15th

Hinckley Club 4 Young People at Green Towers